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Help promote workplace diversity & the interests of minority owned business

Now is the right time and there is no time like the present to forge links between minority business owners and opportunities in corporate America. So our cities and companies can use their purchasing power to support minority owned businesses. This will help support the economic base of the communities in which they do business.

There are 3 good reasons to use a minority owned vendor like us:

  1. Our Price
    Prices are generally less expensive compared to national or big name vendors and the goal is to build relationships with you in an effort to retain your business and win new referral business. 
  2. Our Experience
    We have real world working experience in a specific field, just the same as the larger competitor, but at a reduced price.
  3. Stay Local
    You are supporting the local economy so that money spent in our city, county, and state will remain here. It will feed back to our local economy’s circle of life.